home-dermaroller-C8-side_1Preferred over many at home devices one can purchase.  If you want to buy a device that mimics a professional medical device but you can purchase a small hand held unit for a few hundred dollars, then ask yourself how it could be effective.  The machines in the medical practice including micro-current and LED really need to be much stronger and a home unit cannot work well.  Medical Grade needling is also offered in the medical practice and is far more effective for scars and sagging than a home roller.  However if you have a medical roller treatment you would still want to prep and then maintain the skin with a home roller model.  Many people and doctors see such good results from rolling at home that many do not opt for a medical treatment.  Another big advantage of rolling is that it is safe for ALL skin types.  It is not possible to pigment skin of any color unless you buy a poor quality roller.  See note below*  The reason for this?  T

Home Dermaroller Advantages:

• exfoliates gently with no thinning of the skin (skin thins 1-1.5mm every year after 25yrs old)  

• thickens the skin by activating epidermal growth factors (wakes up skin cells to do their job)

• increases delivery of safe skin serums 

• good for the neck, chest, hands (body with a Beauty Mouse)

Use a roller 2-3 times per week.  There is not another device that is this easy and effective while affordable.  

*Please use caution when buying a different brand of roller.  Many are made of a softer metal and the tips bend immediately causing a slight tearing of the skin.  Dermaroller brand is the only device that AweNatural Skin endorses.