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About AweNatural Skin Care

AweNatural Skincare offers beauty treatments and anti-aging products for select clients in the greater Sacramento area, including Lake Tahoe, Stockton, Modesto, Roseville, and Placerville. Because we give each client our full attention, our services are available through in-person consultation only. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation. For your convenience, we come to you.

We are located 2 miles off of Hwy 50 in Shingle Springs. Please call for directions.

Our Mission

Preventing skin damage is far easier—and more effective—than repairing it. But there is a bewildering variety of skincare products and strategies on the market, which all claim to benefit your skin. So, whom can you trust to actually deliver the absolute best skincare treatments and products?

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What is Corneotherapy

“Cosmetic Chemistry ” written by Florence Barrett Hill described Derma Membrane Structure cream. This led me to find the only skin care company following the principles of “Corneotherapy” as it was meant to be. Dermaviduals Skin Care for the Individual skin founded by Dr. Hans Lautenschlager of Germany.